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Obligatory Introductions and Origins

For some reason, although I know it's not true in any sense, launching a website feelings like one of the final steps neccessary to be able to legally call yourself a proffessional videographer. However the reality is that I've already been doing what I love for a number of years, having worked on the television show Fargo, shooting numerous short films, music videos, and starting to wade into the world of business, event, and wedding videos.

It's a bit overwhelming.

But not too overwhelming.

We're working on a number of awesome things and I'd love to keep everyone updated on our film adventures. In the past I would set up a couple lights, switch my camera on and record myself talking for a while but there's something that's a little more accessible about just writing. Of course it's not as too-the-point, but I think thats the point.

I'll be using these blogs to share insights, information and advice as well as showcase some behind the scenes things that would otherwise never see the light of day.

That being said here's what going on right now:

I'm currently wrapping up post production on our latest short, The Society of Birdwatchers, which will hopefully be screening at some festivals soon (I will definitely be writing a blog about that experience), and at the very least will have a premiere in Calgary, which I think is pretty nifty. It's easily the best thing I've done so far.

I mentioned that I'm getting into business and event videographer and I'm currently in pre-planning for a local companies rebranding and will shooting a number of commercials. Those details are currently confidential but that's what up.

For the third time we'll be pitching for a grant in order to produce our next short film, those details are even more confidential.

Oh also I'm in film school, that probably deserves a blog post as well.

And finally, since I know some of you are wondering, part of my heritage is Swedish. This is important because Numera is a Swedish word meaning 'to be in the present', and we're here to stay up to date on the quickly changing world of technology and film in order to always be able to deliver the production services you need.

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