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Micro-Budget Slate 2023

This slate of films is curated to work either alone or together as an expanding story about the disparate of adventures of old west settlers and their encounters with the super natural. These are horror driven and fantasy inspired Western feature films centered around female focused heroes and villains, local folklore and eccentric visuals. We can complete post production in house with access to award winning visual effects and editing for a fraction of the cost and shooting in Alberta gives us access to dozens of thematic locations.


Logline: A strange storm traps a group of traders on the homestead of a cowboy who claims to be plagued by a strange curse.

Budget: $22,000 USD


Home Beneath the Range

Logline: A secret tunnel in a root cellar reveals an ancient ritual site and summons a demon.

Budget: $25,000 USD



Lockbox Trails

Logline: Even if it can't be opened a slew of outlaws will kill anyone who gets between them and a magically sealed safe.

Budget: $25,000 USD



Keys to the West

Logline: Stories of a cult using mind control seep into a small town and cause residents to turn against their beloved mayor.

Budget: $30,000 USD



Dusty Doppelgangers

Logline A sheriff claiming to be from the future is tasked with transporting an artifact across the praries while be hunted by mysterious forces.

Budget: $30,000 USD

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