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Micro Slate 2023-2024

This slate of films are stand alone winter themed dramatic and action packed features that each follow a disparate lone wanderer and their struggles against the elements, fellow humans or the supernatural. In the wake of the writer and actors strikes we have unparalleled access, for the winter months, to the most sought after period and western settings including sprawling towns, old mansions, and large abandoned structures that are otherwise booked solid or out of our budget range. This slow period in the Alberta is the perfect time to capitalize on untapped production value, powerhouse crews, and rental deals to make the most out our budget. 


Logline: After a summer famine a gunslinger is forced to step up to protect his towns food supply from hungry bandits.

Budget: $25,000 USD

Genre: Western/Action

shadow poster.jpg


The Shadow on the Fourth Floor

Logline: A man is trapped in a sprawling building while being pursued by a shadowy horror.

Budget: $20,000 USD

Genre: Horror

justice poster.jpg


No Justice in Purgatory

Logline: A lone cowboy believes he's entered the afterlife when everyone he meets seems to recognize him as an infamous gunslinger.

Budget: $25,000 USD

Genre: Western/Sci-Fi

coffin poster.jpg


Coffin's Call

Logline: A local Sheriff sets out in pursuit of a bandit who has been slipping through his fingers for years.

Budget: $30,000 USD

Genre: Western/Drama

poster burnt.jpg


Burnt Timber

Logline A pair of looters travel through wildfire territory in search of an abandoned township and glacier gold.

Budget: $30,000 USD

Genre: Western/Horror

Micro Slate 2023-2024

heartworm poster.jpg

Development 2024

These larger budget projects are currently in development for 2024 and beyond. With a combination of tax credits and government incentives we've outlined the Third Party Support or License Fees required in order to greenlight the projects. These films range in genre from Sci-Fi to Comedy/Romance and support materials for each can be made available upon request.


Logline: The last ship carrying humans is heading off of earth and a group of friends has to decide if they're leaving the planet or not.

Budget/License Fee: $100,000 USD 

Genre: Sci-Fi

Mannequin - Poster.png


Logline A woman trapped inside a thrift store after hours has to face the faceless.

Budget: $150,000 USD

License Fee: $100,000USD

Genre: Horror

Hide and Seek - Poster.png

Hide and Seek

Logline A hunter becomes the hunted during a solo camping trip to an old-growth forest.

Budget: $150,000 USD

License Fee: $100,000USD

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Origami - Poster.png


Logline A killer leaves behind a calling card that has a down on his luck detective worried he might be the next victim.

Budget: $150,000 USD

License Fee: $100,000USD

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

sob poster.png

The Society of Birdwatchers

Logline: An eclectic birdwatching group operates under the premise that to see the birds, you must be like the birds. 

Budget: $1,250,000 CAD

License Fee: $70,000 CAD

Genre: Comedy/Romance

trevino poster.jpg

The Trevino Story

Logline: The story about what happens to a group of people locked inside the world's most secure seed vault. 

Budget: $1,000,000 CAD

License Fee: $60,000 CAD

Genre: Comedy/Sci-Fi

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