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Season 2 Trailer

Pilot Screener

The first two seasons of Abracadavers are finished and ready for purchase, with a third season in post-production. Season 1 and 2's festival runs included Raindance Film Festival and FilmQuest, with over 140 award wins and nominations. On Season 2 and 3, the Numera Films team was joined by CSA-nominated Producer Jesse Lipscombe to step-up production.

Season 1 Synopsis

Chris’ mom died in a freak hair salon chair accident. Ever since then, he’s been attached to the chair responsible for her death. His closest friend Gabriel, believing it to be more than just an obsession, kidnaps him on a road trip. Things get weird when they discover the salon chair gives those close to it superhuman powers.

Season 2 Synopsis

The gang of friends finds themselves at a camp for super-powered youth. Between learning how to control their powers and investigating the shady counselors, the group struggles to adapt to a strange, new environment.

Season 3 Synopsis

After a few summers have passed, a group of campers is selected for an upcoming mission and there is much speculation as to why this specific group of people was chosen. They are tasked with preventing a strange, extra-dimensional space discovered by Pete from collapsing. The details are vague, the danger is high, and some new characters add a sense of trepidation to what is normally a tight knit group of campers.

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